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Spring is finally here – time to re-assess your life?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Re-assessing your life can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when some kind of change has been forced upon you, whether it be through redundancy, a bereavement or some kind of loss. In such times, one can experience a lot of inner conflict triggered by whatever change has taken place. Consequently, initiating other changes can be too much to face. Is this you?

Neale Donald Walsh, spiritual philosopher said, “when everything changes, change everything”, he even wrote a book of the same title. Change is inevitable and cannot be avoided, so if you think you have reached some form of crossroad, then perhaps it is time to re-assess your life, and consider how you want to make some positive changes?

Fear can be a stumbling block, as can be someone in your life who does not want you to change. However,you need not fear change if you choose to embrace it. Therefore, when making changes, whether it be by changing your career, moving house, relocating to another city or country or finding a new partner, do it one step at a time, and don’t give up on your intentions. Get some additional support if necessary, whether it be by hiring a life coach, seeking out a mentor or confiding in a close friend who you believe will encourage you to do whatever it takes to bring about the changes you seek. Good luck in your journey and DON’T GIVE UP AT THE FIRST OBSTACLE! Stay the course and believe yourself, YOU CAN DO IT.