How can motivational life coaching help you tackle stress?

Tony Robbins, famous American life coach once said, “if you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”?  There is no truer saying than this.

Some clients who have approached me for motivational life coaching have done so, because they crave change in their lives.  Especially, when they feel that something is not working, and they feel run down and burnt out.  One particular client who approached me some time ago,  was finding it extremely difficult to cope with the demands of his job.  No matter how many hours he put in, he felt he was hitting his head against a brick wall.  Juggling too many tasks was one of his self defeating behaviours, as was his inability to delegate tasks to some of his work colleagues. The client soon recognized that he spent far too much time being reactive, rather than pro-active!

During our sessions, he established that the goals he wished to work towards were, time management, stress management, improving his communication skills and developing a more assertive approach.  With the use of the GROW model we started to consider what actions needed to be taken and how he could overcome the obstacles he had created in the first place.  I also introduced him to some NLP techniques, which certainly provided some ‘light bulb moments’ and enabled him to become more self aware.

12 months later, the client now feels much more confident in his ability to manage his time more effectively.  Logging how much time he spent on each task, although seemed tedious at first, helped him to recognize how much time he was actually wasting!  Introducing him to the Pareto Principle (20% activity = 80% results) also helped him to see how much more productive he could be.

In just a relatively short space of time, he was thrilled that he was able to communicate more effectively with his colleagues, by developing rapport, learning to listen more effectively, and consider ways in which they could work more effectively as a team.  My client is now far less stressed than he was several months ago.  His boss has commented on how much his productivity has improved and overall the client still continues to work with the strategies he developed.   He has now moved up the management ladder and is extremely happy for the support and help he was given in order to get him from where he was to where he is now.

So, how could motivational life coaching help you?  What are you struggling with?  Maybe you find it difficult to ask for the support you desperately need for fear of feeling or deeming to be a failure?  Failure only stems from doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?!  Consider how you could invest in your future, in order to bring about some much needed positive changes.

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