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Meditation for Stress Relief

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Mindfulness is fast becoming the new buzz-word for encouraging people to slow down and start to take life at a slower pace.  What does mindfulness mean, may you ask? In Buddhist terms, it relates to ‘living in the moment’, enjoying each moment, rather than worrying too much about what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. 

Practicing mindfulness also helps you to become more self-aware.  Therefore, when I choose to be mindful I am more fully aware of the choices and decisions I choose to make in any given moment and the impact they may have on my life/situation or in the immediate future.

We live in a fast pace society and a highly technological world that does not allow us to completely switch off and re-charge our batteries.  Therefore practicing daily meditation is a great way to not only give the mind and body a well-earned rest but also helps you become more productive in the long run.  

Early morning meditation before breakfast and meditation before sleep enables the body to relax, the mind to slow down and de-clutter itself. You feel more refreshed –  your ability to concentrate increases and helps you focus more on daily tasks.  Your mind becomes clutter free and you suddenly realise that you are starting to take life at a steadier pace. 

When you choose to meditate daily and regularly, you find that you become less re-active to stressful situations and feel much calmer.  You also realise that over a period of time, your attitude to life changes for the better, therefore you become more pro-active.

So why not practice being still and in the moment.  It can be challenging at first, especially when you are so used to doing so many different jobs at once and particularly if you find it hard to relax.  However, what is the alternative?  Living your life in a constant highly stressful state does take it’s toll and can lead to tiredness, lethargy and procrastination.  Choosing to take time out for yourself and be in the moment brings great reward, so why not try it and see?  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Meditation does not mean, sitting and staring at your belly button, it simply means giving yourself time off to be in your own space with just yourself.  Meditation is an opportunity to allow your thoughts to flow in and out of your mind without you choosing to respond to any one them.  Instead enjoy the stillness and start to see how much more you hear and become aware of. 

Drop me a line and let me know how you get on.  If you find it hard to switch off, then why not choose to listen to an MP3 download on my website?  These are guided visualizations to help you relax.  Good luck and enjoy!

De-clutter your mind – Spring clean your life!

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Do you often feel like you spend most of your time rushing around and getting nowhere?  Constantly feeling berated by your inner taskmaster can often take it’s toll on your physical and emotional well-being.

Too often, some of my clients ask, “but how can I start to initiate the changes I feel I need to make in order to feel  happier and more relaxed”.  The answer lies within, but the problem is, we don’t allow ourselves to hear it or we simply choose to ignore the signals our bodies give us….

Believe it or not, you can achieve far more or get more done, if you allow your mind to relax for at least 15 minutes a day.  That may seem like too much to ask, but what is the alternative?  Living in a fast paced and highly technological world means that people do not allow themselves to switch off – so would you rather lead a stress filled life or a stress-free life?

Have you ever considered how much time you spend on your mobile phone, calling friends, colleagues, or texting?  When you are not on your mobile, how much time do you spend on your tablet or at your computer?  Even if you are not technologically minded but still extremely busy and too busy to allow yourself enough time to relax, then consider, how much time and energy you give to others and tasks that really are not that important?

The time you give to yourself is VERY IMPORTANT.  Taking time to have breakfast in a relaxed state and then spend at least 5 minutes in mindfulness, can have a major impact on how you tackle the rest of your tasks throughout the day.   Choosing how to spend your time, rather allowing outside influences, to dominate your schedule, can also make a major difference to how you feel at the end of the day.

More importantly, your thought processes will also determine the state of your bliss – Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ” a man is who he thinks about all day long” – so consider how much mind energy you give to negative thinking, like worrying about what you ultimately cannot change and instead taking control of your thoughts and deciding what you can change, in order to develop a balanced and  harmonious life.  The choice is yours – change doesn’t always happen instantly, and making changes, can often seem like too much of a chore.  However, choosing to de-clutter your mind and your life of things that are no longer important or that no longer serve or support you, can become liberating and will ultimately lead to a less stressed life.

So, don’t you owe it to yourself and to the people you care about to start making some positive changes and become aware of where your thoughts take you? 

Why not drop me a line and let me know how you get on, or if you need some support in making the changes you crave, then I will be happy to talk to you……..your life is a gift, so start living it in the present moment.  Forget what’s past, don’t worry about tomorrow,  enjoy your bliss and start to live your life fearlessly!

Reiki Healing Circle & Relaxation Therapy Group

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

We have a new course starting on Tuesday, 27th March 2012.  We will be looking at the power of the mind and how you can attract more success into your life.  So,  if you are interested in signing up for this fabulous 6 week course, then contact me on 07886 198 293 to book your place.

The cost of the 6 x 2 hour session course, taken over 12 weeks, is just £45.00!  This is a wonderful opportunity to join a group of people in a relaxed atmosphere, share ideas, and experience some reiki healing, meditation and angel card readings.  Contact me for further details on 07886 198 293, I look forward to hearing from you.